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Denmark Street Surgery

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Sick Notes


Sicknotes or Med3 and Med5 notes were replaced in April 2010 with a new Statement of Fitness to Work known as a ‘fit note’.


The laws regarding sickness absence are regulated by the Department of Work and Pensions.


The Practice always issues sickness certificates in accordance with the law.  

Absence from work of seven days or less  

For short-term sickness absence, you may complete a self-certification form, which you can find here. GPs have no legal obligation to provide sickness certificates for absence lasting seven days or less. Should you require a sickness certificate for this period, this will only be issued at the doctor's discretion and always on a private basis. This means that you will be charged in accordance with the practice's current rate.  

Absence from work lasting more than seven days

For longer periods of sickness absence, you may require a Statement of Fitness to Work. This is only issued for periods of sickness absence lasting longer than seven days and is free of charge. You can read more about sickness certification, the relevant laws and other forms involved here.

Private sick notes or letters

Other than where there is a legal obligation for the doctor to issue a note, certificates or letters will only be issued at the doctor's discretion and always on a private basis at the practice private fee rate paid at reception. These include private sick note covering the first 7 days of illness or Statement of Facts.

Sickness Absence from University or School Examinations

It is not within the GP responsibility to issue doctor's note for school examinations or absences or postponement of course work deadlines.

Applying for Excusal or Deferral from Jury Service

It is not within the GP responsibility to issue doctor's note for above. The issue of Statement of fact may be considered at the doctor's discretion on special circumstances.


Information for patient under going appeal process

(Benefits certification and work for Atos)

GPs, as certifying medical practitioners, have a statutory obligation to provide statements of incapacity to patients on their list and certain information to a healthcare professional working for Atos Healthcare, on behalf of DWP when requested.


However, under their NHS contract there is no requirement for GPs to provide reports or offer an opinion on incapacity for work to anyone else, unless requested to do so by Jobcentre Plus.


Patients who are claimants, should contact Jobcentre Plus or the Appeals Service, where appropriate, if they think that further medical evidence is necessary to support their claim or appeal.


Patients need to state clearly their reasons for believing that further evidence is necessary.

  • If Jobcentre Plus or the Appeals Service considers that further medical evidence is necessary, they will seek it.

Jobcentre Plus or the Appeals Service will be responsible for paying any fee to the doctor providing the report.

  • NHS GPs are under no obligation to provide such evidence to their patients or to provide it free of charge. 




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